Screening for Type 1 Diabetes: Why Is It Needed? - Shared screen with speaker view
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hello everyone - you can put your questions here
David Werner
Are there T1D clusters (known or suspected) where community screening can be concentrated?
Teresa Rodriguez-Calvo
For Peter: What are the reasons for not entering the educational program? What could be done to reach every family? Would more public outreach improve it?
Imcyse Management
I believe th slides ofChantal are not moving
Imcyse Management
yes slides are moving now
Frank Martin
Please feel free to share any questions for the panelists or speakers here. I will do my best to direct these questions to them while we are live.
Igor Lacik
Big thanks to all for what you've been doing.I am Igor Lacik from Slovakia, a member of the Beta cell replacement JDRF consortium. I am also a member of the Scientific Board of the Ministry of Health. I am planning to inform about these activities, e.g. the INNODIA, and the possibility to be included as, for example Slovbenia and Poland are.
Chantal Mathieu
With the help of the Helmsley Charitable Trust, we are developing a practical guide for clinicians when confronted with Ab positive individuals- For now: follow up in 'projects', with close glucose monitoring (challenge tests, CGM etc), if not possible: INNODIA Ab+ (EMA advice) at minimum FU every 6 months with challenge tests.
Kate Gajewska
Hi everyone, very interesting webinar! From a psychological point of view, do you meet many families, who experience burden associated with 'diagnosis' (or rather earlier knowledge, that diabetes will be there soon)? Do they have access to psychological support? I have met a young adult once who had known about diabetes for approx. 2-3 years before the treatment (insulino-therapy) has started. He said he regret that he had known so early, as it 'took 2-3 years of freedom' from him - his parents treated him as a person with diabetes already (blood checks, 'diet' etc, and continuous expectation that the more severe symptoms will appear anytime). Do you see such a feedback at all? And if so, how to deal with it from a mental health and wellbeing perspective?
Sylvaine Bruggraber
I often get queries because parents of young children are worried about OGTT in young children. The guidance on advantages of OGTT to detect early T1D progression would be very welcome.